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Pumpkin Witch

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Autumn Amo
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site is closed.
i am unable to make graphics at this time.
current members will still have access.

friends only only

♥ join & comment to gain access to my creations & icons.

♥ Comment when taking. I like to know who has what, and what everyone likes.

♥ Credit in userinfo / keywords is a MUST. Credit: pumpkin_witch. If used else where credit with link back & let me know WHERE please.

♥ don't edit/alter in any way; textless icons are not bases

♥ Do NOT, I repeat: DO NOT redistribute/repost my icons without my permission. That includes posting them as a collection. These are ONLY for personal use as a profile pics.

♥ Do not try to pass these off as your own!

♥ Only the icons that I POST in this journal. Only those icons are for your use. Do not take any of my user pictures, or any of the user pictures in my personal journal, unless they have been POSTED here!

♥ No Hot/Direct linking.

♥ comment & Enjoy!

♥ when e-mailing me put ‘icon’ in the subject so my system doesn’t chunk your e-mail. include in the e-mail your lj name & address. I will get back with you asap.

♥ 44suburbia.org
♥ glamoured.org
♥ hybrid-genesis.net

♥ 77words
♥ _coquettish
♥ foto_decadent
♥ cap_it
♥ ruby_icons

♥ ScarletVoodoo

♥ 77words {background}
♥ autumnamo {icon & locked graphics}
♥ 44suburbia.org


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